Do we really need a Unifying Story or just “music”?

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The new arcforum.com website as per spring 2022 opens with six key questions possibly to be resolved at the first gathering of the new high level anti-apocalyptic pro-freedom movement in october in London. The first of these questions might prove to be the most fundamental of them all and the answer to it will bear heavily on the way we find answers to the other five. In this essay I will try to provide a line of reasoning to get this first question mostly right. The first question is: Can…read more

Gender pronouns and the true colors of Energy

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Jordon Peterson’s meteoric rise as a public intellectual started with his refusal to accept gender pronouns. To be precise it started when Canada introduced legislation that would make it a criminal act to not use the pronouns a given LGBTQ+ person would want to be addressed with. His particular point was that he wouldn’t mind accepting someones idiosyncratic linguistical wishes so much, but would oppose vehemently if that wish were a trojan horse to politically f… with his mind in an Orwellian sense. So far so good, but what in…read more

Climate and Peter Singer’s drowning child analogy

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Apparently Peter Singer (1946) is one of the most preeminent ethicists on the globe right now. Applied ethics I might add, and I like that. What’s the use of ethics if it’s not easily applicable. His paper I need to respond to is “Famine, Affluence and Morality” that he wrote back in 1971 as his response to widespread starvation occurring at that time in Bangladesh. Nowhere in the 15 page essay (full text here) he notes that this famine as so many others had war and rebellion as its primal…read more


21 punten hoe ’t had gemoeten met de covid-crisis en nog kan

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Ik ben het nu echt zat. Zo veel onlogisch gelul. Zo veel abjecte domheid. Terwijl we nu echt zooooo gigantisch veel weten over covid dat in elk geval met wijsheid achteraf super simpel te zien is hoe de crisis aangepakt had moeten worden. En als je eerlijk bent zie je dat de overheid dit scenario ook met de kennis van toen had kunnen verzinnen. En omdat er in deze analyse die al dagen door mijn hoofd gonst nu ook kansen voor een toekomstige aanpak liggen, schrijf ik het nu toch…read more

Taleb and the art of proving nothing (against Bitcoin)

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One of the tenets of Austrian Economics is that there is a sharp methodological distinction between social sciences and natural sciences as explained by Ludwig von Mises in his 1942 essay on this subject. Not so with Nicholas Nassim Taleb’s intellectual excursions. Reading his essays one feels just short of “being intellectually raped” by a barrage of strange mathematical formulas, blasé intellectual vocabulary followed by some anecdote about the mob. A blatant example of this is Taleb’s just out academic paper Bitcoin, Currency and Bubbles. Here he tries to prove…read more

We have to become a spacefaring civilization

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Op een bijzondere gevoelige manier legt Elon Musk uit dat we om het leven leefbaar te houden wel een ruimtevarende civilisatie moeten worden. Dat wat hij aan het begin van de video zegt herken ik bij mezelf: die oneindige stroom aan ideeën. Des te meer respect dat Musk het zo groot heeft kunnen uitbouwen. Wel was ik zeer gelukkig in mijn jeugd.


Glenn Greenwald onthullend en “all worked up” tegen Jimmy Dore

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Must see. Edward Snowden-held Glenn Greenwald weg bij zijn The Intercept omdat hij niet mocht schrijven over de feiten op de harde schijf van Hunter Biden. Gelukkig kan hij ook financieel goed door met zijn eigen schare volgers. Wat hebben Jimmy Dore en Greenwald een pret samen als ze zo heerlijk radicaal eerlijk kunnen zijn over wat er gebeurt in de wereld en in de journalistiek. Zeer toegankelijk voor links en rechts en zeer leerzaam.


How I was hit by the train that killed Gregg Plitt

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Early morning 15 november 2018. Some crappy clickbait website pushes the 10 most extreme bodybuilders of all Time at me. Number 2 is Greg Plitt. The title above that item hits me like the avalanche that almost killed me back in 1993: A long career of physical fitness was cut short when Greg Plitt tried to race a train and lost. I checked the guy out and my life has never been the same. This guy spoke so eloquently about life and death and afterlife and then boom he’s gone. Out of here…. graduated…read more