Will RF Kennedy jr. drop the hammer?

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In an earlier post on the promising candidacy of RF Kennedy jr. I discussed his climate fallacies. Then I realized that there is another area where the last hope for the Democrats is somehow trapped in his own reasoning. When Jordan Peterson asks him about the fact that our young generation is totally demoralized by the relentless climate porn unleashed on them, RFK jr. responds with a rather bizarre yet revealing explanation. I already have a PS in the earlier blogpost where I ask whether RFK Jr. is somehow like…read more

RF Kennedy jr is 50% wrong about the climate

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Recently Jordan Peterson had the totally admirable RF Kennedy jr on his podcast and it was all marvelous (yet sad about the state of our politics) but predictably the climate was going to be a contemptuous issue between the two. As a lawyer specialized in environmental litigation Kennedy jr is used to roughly follow the scheme: poor powerless citizens battling large unethical profit oriented corporations. Peterson however has had pretty much all the great climate sceptics on his “couch” and is well up to speed on the fallacies of climate…read more